Stylophone makes a comeback

Christina Crouch - Jan 30, 2008

I’m really glad I’m not of the 70’s generation, some of things that went on during then worry me a little, and those worries are based on outcomes, rather than actually things that happened. The Stylophone was an outcome of the 70’s and though it kind of died it is making a comeback and I’m not quite sure why.

The Stylophone is a music making machine that uses a styles and a series of metal keys to make sounds and this new and improved one isn’t so new and improved. Actually, it’s exactly the like original with a few minor tweaks. It now comes with volume control (thank goodness), some new sounds and a vibrato knob. Here’s a video of it in action if you’re still confused about what it is/does.

It does have a novelty kind of charm but it reminds me of some kind of Easter European folk music for some reason. You can buy a Stylophone for around $30.

[via OhGizmo!]

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