Study Shows One In Five Seniors Is Potential Facebook Gamer

Gaming is a major part of Facebook and you're constantly bombarded with updates and gifts from friends who are playing Mafia Wars or Farmville among a whole host of other games. A recent study shows that many of those gamers aren't exactly who you might expect. Many of the gamers may very well be your parents or grandparents.

A study conducted by All Assisted Living Homes says that 20 percent of the baby boomer generation is on Facebook now. They're most likely on for at least one hour a day and most likely gaming. It makes sense because the games on Facebook can wrap up relatively quick compared to PC or console games and have almost no learning barrier to start. It is such a growing trend that at one senior center in Sandy City, Utah, there most popular class is one that teaches the art of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg probably didn't envision having the baby boomer demographic on his once Harvard-exclusive social network, but I'm sure he doesn't mind. Reportedly valued at $65 billion, Facebook has amassed people of all ages from around the world. Do your parents or grandparents friend you on Facebook and send you mystery gifts and game requests?

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