Study shows "avid tech consumers" are full of themselves

Apparently there was an online study done of 25,000 American adults, and found both good and bad traits in those that are a bit gadget hungry. On the plus side, they have a tendency to have traits such as leadership, dynamism as well as assertiveness.

The down side is that they have a tendency to be conceited. Which could be due to any number of things. I'd love to disagree with it entirely, but there is probably at least a little truth to it, even if there are a great many exceptions. It could be to do with the anonymity of the internet, or the overabundance of knowledge at our fingertips due to technology.

After you read so much information, and always have the latest and greatest in technology end up making the head expand a bit. Then again, those that do have the absolute cutting edge technology need the cash to get it, therefore it would be a fair guess that they are in a position that makes a nice amount of money and perhaps even something that does require leadership skills already.  Which means, is it that lots of technology generates assholes or that assholes must have more technology?

[via crunchgear]