Study reveals the one good reason to use a vape every day

Public health officials are quick to point out that electronic cigarettes ("vapes") aren't a healthy alternative to smoking and that one should avoid developing the habit for the sake of their health. However, some studies have suggested that electronic cigarettes may offer some benefits for people who are already addicted to smoking, the most notable of which is a new study from King's College London.

Tobacco cigarettes are notoriously difficult to quit once an addiction has formed, fueling the smoke-alternative and cessation products markets. Nicotine gum, patches, and inhalers are all offered as cigarette alternatives for people who want to quit smoking, but anecdotal reports from users have largely pointed toward a different product for success: electronic cigarettes.

The new study, which was funded by Cancer Research UK, involved survey data from more than 1,155 people — a mix of former and current smokers, as well as people who used nicotine vapes. The data was collected from 2012 to 2017 and, upon analysis, revealed that electronic cigarette use was linked to much higher odds of avoiding smoking for a full month.

The study notes that surveyed participants who used a refillable vape every day as a smoking cessation device were five times more likely than those who didn't use any cessation devices to refrain from tobacco cigarette use for one month. The likelihood dropped slightly in the case of cartridge-based and disposable vapes, which reduced the odds of smoking during a month threefold.

Electronic cigarette use was also found to be more effective at helping smokers avoid tobacco cigarettes compared to medications and nicotine replacement therapies often prescribed by doctors. Participants who were described as more sporadically using vapes weren't likely to avoid cigarettes for a full month compared to those who used the e-cigarettes every day.