Study: iPhone users least likely to click ads of all smartphone users

I have been online for a lot of years now and I have never purposefully clicked on an ad while surfing the net. I have done my share of product searches, but ads online aren't how I usually find and purchase while surfing the Internet. I am especially not going to click ads while surfing on my iPhone.

A new study was released recently that looks at the click through rate of mobile phone users on ads while surfing the net online. The study looked at 92 million impressions and of that number, 1.3 million came from mobile browsers. Non-mobile users had a click through rate of about 0.83% while mobile had a rate of 0.48%.

The study found that the least likely mobile users to click ads were iPhone users with a click through rate of 0.30% as a group. The iPhone also accounted for the most mobile browsing sessions. The next lowest click rate is from Android users with Palm users clicking on the most ads of the major mobile OS'.