Study claims that the universe is slowly dying

The conclusion to an astronomical study has been published that claims the universe is slowly dying. The results of the study claims to have established the decline of the universe with unprecedented precision. An international team of 100 scientists used data from the most powerful telescopes in the world, both on land and in space, for the study.

The team of scientists studied the energy coming from over 200,000 galaxies in a massive slice of the observable universe. Based on these energy observations the scientists have determined that the galaxy is radiating half as much energy as it was 2 billion years ago. That finding was based on checks of energy across a broad spectrum of light waves and other electromagnetic radiation.

Scientist say that the energy is fading across all wavelengths from ultraviolet to far infrared. The universe won't disappear, it will still be here by the stars and other objects that produce light will cease to do so claim scientists.

Before you worry too much about your future and the future of your children and grandchildren, the scientist say that it will take trillions of years for this to happen. Most of the energy in the universe is believed by many scientists to be leftovers from the Big Bang, more energy is being generated by stars as elements like hydrogen and helium are fused.