Students create solar blinds

Abby McVay - Nov 26, 2007

Most of us have blinds hung to try and block out a bit of the light or for just a bit of added privacy. A bunch of college students from Blakewater College have come up with the idea to use those blinds to gather a bit of energy.

This is yet another one of those ideas that is so simple and brilliant that you chuckle a little that no one hasn’t come up with it before. It took these 15 students 2 months of researching, discussing and designing to come up with the blinds that are designed to use renewable energy.

The design was entered in the Green Gadget of the Future contest, they are ranked in the top five out of 1000 entries. They will announce the winner December 10, the winner will receive £20,000.

Smart Eco-Youths in England Create Solar Blinds as Way to Help Power Homes, Businesses Everywhere [via treehugger]

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