Student builds creepy Guitar Hero playing robot type thing

I once watched this scary movie where one of those ventriloquist dummies stalked some people in a house with a big knife. The movie really creeped me out. This Guitar Hero playing robot created by a student at Minnesota West Technical College is really creepy and reminds me of that movie. Except this dummy would be following you around and hitting you with a guitar controller from Guitar Hero.

The device was built by engineering student Pete Nikrin and is called Roxanne. The thing responds to each note as it appears on screen and is able to read the notes via a camera in place of its left eye. The bot responds to the changes between light and dark pixels.

I will say the robot is pretty good at Guitar Hero. The thing racked up 100% accuracy at times in trials with 98% in medium mode, 95% on hard more, and 80% on expert mode. I don't think I could hit 80% on expert.