Striker Light Mine Professional Lets You Drop Light Where You Need it

Evan Selleck - Dec 17, 2010
Striker Light Mine Professional Lets You Drop Light Where You Need it

There are many different ways out there for someone to put light where they need it. Usually, and in this case, it involves magnets, which let you stick your light source to a metallic source for easy positioning. But sometimes you just need your light to rest on the floor, and using a flashlight doesn’t always work out. Having something small enough to fit in the necessary nooks and crannies, but still be bright enough to actually help, is essential. That’s where the Striker Light Mine Professional comes in.

As you can see from the image above, it’s pretty obvious where the name of the device comes from. The look of an underwater mine is inescapable, but it also makes it one of the coolest looking gadgets we’ve seen in awhile. It also makes it easy for you to roll the device into an area that you need lit-up. However, if you do need this little ball of light to hang from something, the 11 Neodymium magnets inside will help you with that, making sure that it will stick to the magnetic surfaces around your home.

There are eight white LEDs on one side of the device, and four red LEDs on the other. The red lights are meant for a “night vision” scenario, where perhaps using the white light may be too bright. What’s better, though, is that the Striker Light Mine Professional is available right now, and it will only cost you $20.

[via UberGizmo]

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