Stridalyzer smart insoles show how you run

Smart products tailored to runners have been cropping up, including the Bionic Runner bike that combines running and cycling into a single hybrid activity. The latest to surface for the marathons among us are the Stridalyzer smart insoles, something users slip into their running shoes. Data from a running session is sent to a related mobile app, which shows stress points, whether the runner has a potentially harmful foot strike habit, pacing, and more. As a bonus, and despite the integrated sensors, the insoles can also be trimmed up to a full shoe size to ensure they fit.

Stridalyzer features several integrated sensors that keep track of how one's foot strikes the ground when running, including things like supination and pronation, as well as any vertical stress that might be resulting in the knees.

The related app has been designed so that it offers helpful advice without being an intrusion on the run. To do this, alerts are provided only if it is determined necessary, such as when one's feet might be undergoing stress due to some issue with strikes. Guidance is offered in the form of metrics and scores.

ReTiSense, the company behind Stridalyzer, wants to raise $25,000 in funding on Kickstarter. So far a touch over $14,000 USD has been raised with 18 days remaining. The early bird units have already been ordered, but backers can grab one of the earlier production units for a pledge of $90 USD. Shipping is estimated for April.

SOURCE: Kickstarter