Stretchy rubber brand bracelets for kids shaped like gadgets

My daughter is five and she loves these stretchy rubber band bracelets that look like animals and other things when you take them off. She trades them with her friends and wears them all the time. She is a rubber band bracelet ninja though. You never know when she will jump out from behind something, yell "Hiii Yaaaa", shoot you in the face with one of the bands, and run off laughing hysterically.

If I wasn't afraid, I would lose an eye one day I would get her some of the gadget shaped rubber band bracelets. The things are shaped like mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets, notebooks, digital cameras and what appears to be a portable speaker system.

Considering she is growing up to be a girl geek, these would be great for her. They come in 24-packs and will set you back $5.99. Just don't blame me if you get shot in the eye with one of these things.