StreetFlyer is perfect for those afraid of heights

Shane McGlaun - Feb 3, 2011
StreetFlyer is perfect for those afraid of heights

I have always wanted to learn to fly. The thing that always keeps me from that is that even if I learned to fly, actually owning an airplane is well out of my pay grade. If you want to fly, but a plane is too expensive for you or if you are afraid of heights, the next best thing might be the StreetFlyer.

The StreetFlyer looks like a big bicycle with a hump back that holds a rider in a sling sort of like a hang glider uses under the main boom. The vehicle is made from carbon fiber and has what appear to be mountain bike tires.

The works retracts into some sort of backpack to carry it around. I guess the design is intended to make it feel like you are flying a few inches above the road or yard you are zipping across. This thing sounds cool and there is no word on if they will be offered for sale or how much it cost to build. With carbon fiber construction, it won’t be cheap.

Via Ubergizmo

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