Street Fighter V will get character 'Guile' this month

Capcom has dropped a bunch of new details for Street Fighter V's April update, and chief among it is that the character Guile is coming back. Guile was featured as one of the original eight in World Warriors in the second Street Fighter game, going on to have a notable presence in the franchise. With April's update, the character will be made available to gamers for free (until the Zenny shop finally launches, that is).

Guile's role in the newly launched Street Fighter V game will be notable, with him being able to "dominate both ground and air," according to Capcom. The character will have his solid normal attacks, as well as special moves like Somersault Kick and Sonic Boom, and some new abilities like 'Faultless Move," a crouched walking state.

Moves include "Sonic Blade," a stationary projectile made of energy that improve the character's Sonic Boom durability. There's also Solid Puncher — sequences of Sonic Booms that come at opponents like punches. As well, there's Sonic Hurricane, described as Guile's most powerful attack option — it involves very powerful waves of Sonic Booms.

As well, Capcom will be bringing the classic stage "Air Force Base" with its first DLC; gamers will be able to get it in the shop for 70,000 in Fight Money, while Season Pass holders get it for free.

Those who rage quit will be having some problems after the April update, as Capcom says it is working on a new system that'll punish anyone who makes a habit of disconnecting in the middle of matches to get around losing. If you do that, the system will eventually lock you out of matchmaking for an unspecified amount of time, and will get a message notifying them of the punishment.

Finally, Capcom is improving the game's matchmaking feature, making it easier to connect to and create Battle Lounges while also easing the restrictions on finding opponents to fight. This change will particularly help those located in Europe and elsewhere who have been having trouble finding people to fight.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog