Street Fighter V new Variable battle system detailed

The return of Street Fighter to glory is still more than a few months away, but with E3 2015 just around the corner, we can expect loads of leaks, hints, and reveals for Street Fighter V. Anticipating that, Sony has just fired the opening salve, announcing something new for the game. No, not a new character, sadly, but a new way of playing. Called the Variable System, or V for short, this new battle system adds a new distinct flavor to the latest installment, while still building on some of the most loved features of the game.

The V-System has yet another thing to be mindful of while you're almost mindlessly mashing buttons. In addition to the older EX Gauge, players will see a V-Gauge that gets filled up when their character takes damage. Composed of two "stocks", the V-Gauge can be used to fuel three new types of skills, all with a V name attached.

The V-Skill probably shouldn't be listed here considering it doesn't even use the V-Gauge, but where else would you put it. It can be activated any time by pressing medium punch and medium kick together. Naturally, the V-Skill for each character is different and can either augment mobility, defense, or offense, whichever area the character is normally weak at. The V-Skill does help fill the V-Gauge up faster, which is probably where it ties into the system.

Many might compare the V-Trigger to the Ultra skills of SF IV, but Sony cautions jumping to conclusions. While both systems do unleash a characters power, triggered by a high punch and high kick together, V-Trigger is just the first step. Sony is being somewhat mysterious here, saying that it is up to the player to properly utilize their benefits.

Lastly, there's the V-Reversals which counter attacks while blocking. Unlike Alpha counters from Street Fighter Alpha, there is no universal effect and the counter can behave differently. One can push back, another can switch sides. Again, it all depends on which character is being used.

Street Fighter V is expected to hit stores March 2016 and will be available on PC and PS4. Due to a special exclusive arrangement with Sony, however, Xbox One users are going to be left out.