Street Fighter hand-made arcade sticks appear on Etsy

How much would you pay for a hand-made Xbox 360 wireless arcade joystick, with heavy-duty metal casings, rechargeable batteries and millimeter-for-millimeter Street Fighter II arcade cabinet control layout accuracy?  If your response is "well, Chris, I'd pay $190" then keep on reading; the rest of you, move on.Video demo after the cut

The handiwork of Etsy member Mekishiko916, two joysticks are available with Ryu and Akuma themes.  Each uses HAPP American-made parts, and the battery pack can be recharged via the USB port on the Xbox 360 itself; leave the cable plugged in, and you can use the stick as a wired controller instead.

Hand-made and HAPP adds up to that not-insignificant $190 sticker price, but you can pretty much guarantee to be the only person on your block with such an arcade stick.  They're available to order now.

[via Kotaku]