Stream TV Ultra-D glasses-free 3D eyes-on

Here at Stream TV's presser at CES, we ended up taking a look at their Ultra-D glasses-free 3D technology, and even got our eyes-on with the new tech. However, not only is it glasses-free 3D, but it's also at a 4K resolution of 3800x2160. If you think that watching 3D content without those fancy glasses is pretty crazy, you wouldn't be too wrong.

However, it's not completely what it's cracked up to be. Our experience watching the demo was subpar. We certainly noticed the 3D, not quite as much as traditional 3D with glasses, but we definitely noticed heads and hands popping out at us — it was almost a trippy experience of sorts, but the quality overall was disappointing.

Sadly, the company had to sacrifice quality slightly in order to offer the auto stereoscopic 3D technology, which takes two different images at slightly different angles and merges them together, while flickering them back and forth faster than the human eye could notice, similar to how active 3D glasses work today.

What's perhaps even more impressive is that current 1080p content can be upscaled to this 4K glasses-free 3D tech. The company even mentioned Apple's Retina display, saying that while the technology is certainly there, the content isn't the same story, and Stream TV says current content can be used for the 3D.