Stream media from your Apple TV to your cell phone

So the Apple TV has been released, and for the most part had fairly positive reviews, especially from the hacker community. Now wouldn't it be cool to stream content from your Apple TV to your phone? As of now, we haven't heard anything from Apple on such a thing happening. But don't worry, the makers of the SlingBox have something in the works.

The idea is to get a PC to stream content to the Apple TV, then to the SlingBox, and finally to the phone. As of now they support Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian. Hopefully once the iPhone is released they can add it to their line of supported platforms.

The great thing is that this would allow you to access your entire music collection anywhere. Right now you've got to pick and choose which songs to cram onto your memory card. The SlingBox will completely eliminate the need to do that. Not to mention you'll be able to stream all of your video files as well.

No mention of when this new SlingBox will be ready, but I think it will definitely change how we access media on our cell phones.

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