Stream classic movies and TV shows from Warner Archives for $9.99 a month

Brian Sin - Apr 2, 2013
Stream classic movies and TV shows from Warner Archives for $9.99 a month

Warner Bros. has decided to join in on the saturated video-streaming marketing by offering its own subscription-based video streaming service. Warner Bros. service is extremely distinctive from the likes of Netflix and Hulu Plus however. Its service, called Warner Archive, will allow users to stream classic and hard-to-find movies and TV shows straight to their streaming devices.

The service costs $9.99 a month to use, which is higher than other video-streaming services, but you are given a 2 week free trial to test it out. You are given a selection of classic TV shows and movies like the original Jericho, Bad Day at Black Rock, Superman and more. The selection is quite small right now, however Warner Bros promises to add a lot more content soon, while also switching out some of its current content.

Right now, only some TV shows and movies are available in 1080p streaming, and you will only be able to watch the videos in 1080p if you have a Roku set-top box. PC and Mac users will not be able to watch either 720p or 1080p videos yet, however the features should be added in the future. Warner Bros also says that 1080p streaming should be coming to more connected devices in the future.

If you’re a classic movie buff, this new streaming service will be a Godsend for you. There are movies and TV shows from Warner Bros, MGM, RKO, and Allied Artists, that should bring to you the nostalgia of the old (very old) days. Warner Archive is very unique, but it will most likely have a hard time appealing to the majority of consumers, most of who are fine with Netflix and its modern selection of media.

[via Warner Archives]

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