Stranglehold For PC's Minimum Specs Might Make Mr. Gates Wince

The game is being made by Midway. Apparently not only has a huge budget (I read somewhere it was in the neighborhood of $32mil) but huge requirements for anyone wishing to play it on PC.

First it only plays on one of the two most recent iterations of Windows, not a big surprise, sadly that's the case with most games. Then there are the hardware requirements, remember, these are the MINIMUMS, a Dual Core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a graphics card at or higher than the 7800 from Nvidia or the x1300 from ATI, and then there is the 15GB of disk space.

Thankfully that means the new, even moderately spec'd, iMacs can play it just as soon as you get Boot Camp and a copy of Windows XP or Vista. Sadly that means that those of us that build our own PCs are going to have to drop a small fortune to upgrade in order to get some decent frame rates. If you buy pre-built machines, configurations closely matching this are swiftly dropping in price, and often times the only upgrade needed is an independent graphics card.

The game looks great, and, should be available for console gaming as well, which is nice since the newest consoles have the processing power of small super computers(save for the Wii). As I said in the title, those minimum specs probably even made Mr. Bill Gates himself wince, at least a little.

Strangleshock: Stranglehold PC Minimum Specs Are... Wow [via Kotaku]