Stranger Things Season 4 trailer hints at Eleven's origin story

Eleven, the ESP-powered girl from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, will be a key element in the show's fourth season. That's based on the newly released Stranger Things 4 trailer, which hints that viewers will be given a deeper look into the character's origin story and how she came to possess her unique abilities.

Eleven, who goes by 'El' in the series, is one of the main protagonists in Stranger Things, a Netflix series that exploded to popularity back in 2016 with the release of its first season. We're now (presumably) only months away from the arrival of Season 4, which will give viewers an idea about who Eleven is.

The character is notable in the series for his psychokinetic abilities, which seemed to have been passed on genetically based on the existing storyline. Eleven was taken from her parents at a young age and locked away at a fictional facility called the Hawkins National Laboratory. She was experimented on before eventually escaping and making her way to the show's other main protagonists.

We've learned pieces and parts about Eleven's back story in the existing three seasons, but many questions remain, and, based on the newly released season four trailer, we may finally get some answers to them. The trailer involves what appears to be the dingy Hawkins National Laboratory where Eleven and other children were kept.

Though the trailer is short at only a minute in length, it manages to pack a fair number of details in for those with careful eyes. The children, who are all dressed in stereotypical hospital gowns, are greeted by a man who they call 'Papa,' one who says he has 'something very special' planned for the kids. The trailer ends by someone asking Eleven if she's listening, followed by a dramatic shot of her opening her eyes.

The trailer, sadly, does not include a release date for the next season. Though Stranger Things has historically dropped around Halloween, the pandemic disrupted production of the next season and may result in a change to the typical premiere schedule. Netflix hints that another two trailers are planned.