Stranger Things season 4 gets another trailer: New life in California

Netflix has dropped yet another trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things, this time giving fans a look at Eleven and Will in their new life after moving away from Hawkins, Indiana. Though the duo has moved away from the city where all the madness happened, the season four trailer reveals that their history has caught up with them.

Netflix released Stranger Things season 3 back in summer 2019, but fans won't get the next installment — Stranger Things 4 — until some time next year. The streaming company still hasn't revealed a precise release date for the upcoming season, but it has dropped another trailer revealing additional details about the series.

Whereas the previous Stranger Things 4 trailer revolved around the boys back in Hawkins, the new trailer is all about Eleven in California. Fans get a look at what appears to be some type of military base or facility, as well as everything from a mysterious doll to a huge explosion in the desert.

The trailer is narrated by Eleven, who reveals that the season picks up a few months after the family packs up and moves. "I even like school now," Eleven says alongside boring school scenes, followed by a tidbit of info: she's heading back to Hawkins for spring break.

Based on the dramatic, violent activity that rounds out the trailer — including multiple shots in the desert — it's unclear whether Eleven and her adopted family ever make it back to Hawkins as anticipated, though we see scenes set in both Indiana and California. The biggest question, of course, remains: When will Stranger Things 4 be available to watch? The trailer doesn't offer any clues.

Update: Netflix has now revealed that Stranger Things 4 will be available in summer 2022.