Stranger Things season 3 is official

Netflix has finally made the announcement we've been expecting since Halloween: it has renewed Stranger Things for a third season. The company announced the news via a tweet, following it up shortly after with an official announcement on its website. The company is withholding further details at this time, though, including the date we can expect the third season to drop.Stranger Things, the brainchild of the Duffer brothers, was an instant success for Netflix, striking the right balance between suspense, nostalgia, and storytelling to win itself fans across the world. That success spurred the creation of a second season, itself released just before Halloween this year, and now it will lead into a third season.Warning: Very mild spoilers ahead

Whether the second season was as strong as the first is up for debate. While certainly not bad by any measure — and enjoying very high viewers ratings weeks after release — many felt season 2 fell flat in some ways, failing to deliver on some of the promises seemingly made in season 1. While the first season wasn't perfect, it was a very strong, very fun start for the show, while season 2 at times felt predictable and self-aware.

Season 2 did lay a foundation for expanding Eleven's story in a significant way, and so it is reasonable to speculate that season 3 will take us down that road. However, the caution seemingly used in season 2 leaves some fans wondering whether season 3 will take big risks to propel the story forward or play it safe with more minor character deaths and overused tropes.

SOURCE: Netflix