Stranger Things season 2 will be scarier, but don't expect any leaks

We have to wait until this upcoming Halloween for the second season of Stranger Things, and it looks like we may make it the full remaining months without a spoiler or leak appearing online. That hope is based on a recent interview with the child cast of Stranger Things, the team of which made it clear that secrecy is of utmost importance this time around. While they didn't have much to reveal as far as the storyline is concerned, the kids did state that we can expect things to be a lot scarier the second time around.

Stranger Things was many things, but terrifying wasn't one of them. Yes, the show could get creepy at times, but it was very even-handed in spreading that creepiness around, never pouring it on too thick. The storyline as a whole was one shrouded in mystery and suspense, arguably making it more palatable for a wider audience, but we'll see that formula shift a bit in the second season.

According to an interview that has only been revealed in part at this time, the show's second season is going to be scarier and more 'horror oriented' than the first season. That is per Finn Wolfhard, who plays one of the kids in the Stranger Things' core cast. "I think this season will be a lot more dark," he said during the interview. "A lot more horror-oriented. I think people are going to like it better than the first season."

The studios aren't taking any risks when it comes to leaks and possible piracy, though, and so the cast members are under strict orders to keep the scripts to themselves. We've seen leaks become an increasing problem for companies, and the problem is only getting bigger. Game of Thrones is one glaring example, having previously suffered a massive leak in which multiple episodes were released on torrenting websites ahead of broadcast.

Netflix has also suffered a similar hack, though in its case the alleged hackers were demanding money under the threat of releasing the shows. When Netflix failed to pay up, the hacker(s) released an episode from the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black, and the threat remains of additional content being dumped. As for the second season of Stranger Things, you can watch a teaser of the upcoming interview here.

SOURCE: Heroic Hollywood