Stranger Things Season 2 confirmed for 2017 debut

In what is likely to be the day's least surprisingly news, Netflix has officially confirmed that Stranger Things will return for a second season next year. That Stranger Things would return for a second season was pretty much a given, considering the amount of chatter the first season generated across the internet. Netflix hasn't announced any additional details, but we expect those to begin trickling in as work on season two progresses.

However, while Netflix may not have any extra details, the show's creators do. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ross and Matt Duffer gave us a few tasty morsels of information when it comes to what we can expect from season two of Stranger Things. The two say that they considered jumping into the future, where the kids were a bit older and the story takes place in a different decade, but ultimately decided that there was more story to tell back in the 1980s.

With that in mind, they say that Mike, Joyce, and Dustin will be returning for the second season, though they didn't say whether or not Eleven will return, deciding to leave that one up in the air. There will also be four new characters introduced in season two, and Ross and Matt say that the show won't spend all of its time in Hawkins. Perhaps the most exciting tidbit is the fact that season two will be just a little longer than the first, coming in at nine episodes.

We'll get to see a return to the Upside Down in season two, so there's that to look forward to as well. While the teaser trailer Netflix released in its announcement is pretty vague, it does seem to list the titles of the nine episodes in the season, potentially giving us some hints at what we can expect. Are you looking forward to season two of Stranger Things?

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly