Stranger Things' latest season 4 trailer takes fans inside Creel House

Fans have been waiting a long while for the next Stranger Things season, and there won't be an end to that wait any time soon. Netflix previously announced plans to release Stranger Things season four in 2022, though a more specific launch date hasn't been revealed yet. However, Netflix is back with a new trailer.

The latest Stranger Things 4 trailer takes fans to Creel House, an apparently haunted house that we see in three stages: decades earlier when the Creels move in, during the mid-1980s when the kids show up to look for ghosts, and a brief glimpse of the house as it exists in the Upside Down.

Netflix provides a short but fairly in-depth look at the environment in which the show's fourth season will take place. The house, in its prime, was a beautiful property where a couple and their two kids lived. Strange things started happening, however, that indicated the house was haunted.

Fast-forward to when the show's stars arrive decades later to explore the abandoned house; the property is dim, dusty, and falling apart. It appears the kids are looking for something interesting, perhaps for ghosts — there's a Ghostbusters medallion visible in a close-up shot of a backpack, setting the stage for more '80s culture.

This is the latest teaser trailer Netflix has dropped — previous teasers indicate that we'll also find out more about Eleven's origins, though there isn't enough info to tie the trailers together at this point. Unfortunately, it'll probably be around a year before this season finally hits Netflix.