Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience goes live this October

Starting this October, Stranger Things fans will get the opportunity to experience the universe in an entirely new way, at least if they're in Los Angeles. Called the Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience, this event is presented by Netflix alongside Secret Cinema and Fever as an immersive environment experienced from one's own vehicle. Ticket sales will start this week.

The Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience will give fans an entirely new way to experience the fictional universe — one that doesn't violate social distancing rules, either. The experience involves an 'untold story' from the Stranger Things universe, one that fans will experience from within the safety of their own vehicle.

The event's website suggests that visitors will get to experience the Upside Down, specifically that they'll drive through the fictional Starcourt Mall from the TV series. Within that mall, participants will find themselves 'at the heart of the action,' according to Netflix, something experienced with both visual and audio effects.

The entire experience will take more than an hour, according to its website, and it is recommended only for participants ages 12 and older. Tickets will start at $59 per car, making this a relatively inexpensive way for the whole family to get out and have some fun. The experience is set up in downtown Los Angeles and will go live sometime in October.

You can buy your tickets starting on August 26 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET. Fever is currently allowing interested participants to join a waiting list, presumably in order to gauge interest in the attraction. By signing up, future customers will be able to get notifications and updates in the Fever app about the event, as well as direct ticket purchases when they go live.