Stranger Things 3: The Game will bring retro fun to ‘all platforms’

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 7, 2018, 8:19pm CST
Stranger Things 3: The Game will bring retro fun to ‘all platforms’

The third season of Netflix’s mega-hit Stranger Things will be getting its own game, the show’s creators have announced. The game will feature retro 16-bit graphics alongside the show’s iconic characters, though many details are still missing at this time. Players will be able to download the game on ‘all platforms’ when it arrives.

Stranger Things 3: The Game was revealed yesterday during The Game Awards 2018. Some examples of gameplay have been released, revealing 16-bit styled graphics alongside retro gameplay and recognizable show characters. What’s missing, though, are details about the storyline.

It seems the game will be related to the show’s third season, but it’s unclear how exactly it will fit into the storyline — whether it will recreate something from the show or expand upon that world with something new. The footage shows what appears to be the government research lab, indicating the game may take place within that part of the show’s storyline.

The game is being developed by BonusXP for “all platforms,” according to a tweet from Next on Netflix. This is the same company behind the first Stranger Things: The Game mobile game for iOS and Android. The new game will presumably launch at the same time as the third season’s premiere.

Stranger Things is an original Netflix series set in 1980s Indiana, where a government agency has been meddling with a different dimension full of monsters. The show follows a team of kids who get wrapped up in an adventure involving government agents and creatures from the Upside Down. The show’s third season will debut in 2019.

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