Strange objects found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea create a stir

The Captain and crew of an ocean salvaging operation made an interesting find in the Baltic Sea, which was apparently originally discovered by a company called Ocean Explorer. The new crew is a company specializing in deep-sea salvage, and it appears that they have happened on the same wreck that the Ocean Explorer company found a while back. I recall the photo having surfaced previously because it looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon to me. The team has no idea what the object they discovered using deep-sea side sonar might be.

The first images that the crew captured using their sonar equipment showed a long cylinder shaped object spanning about 400m about 60m in diameter. A second sonar pass found a very large disk-like object about 200m away from the original object spied on sonar. The crew of the ship are veterans in finding shipwrecks and seeing things on the ocean floor, and they say that these formations are too big to be part of a shipwreck or to be things that could've fallen off of a ship passing by on the surface.

The crew says that this is something worth exploring, but at this point they can't say what the nature of the objects are, they could well be natural formations on the ocean floor. As intriguing as the find is, there will be no official investigation until more details can be found. The cost of underwater exploration is very high indeed get to the bottom of the sea only to find the formations are mountains or other natural phenomenona is something the recovery team isn't willing to risk. What do you think these might be? Perhaps, George Lucas is trying to plug the new 3-D Star Wars flicks.

[via JDJournal]