Strange ad depicts widescreen Nintendo DS

I haven't read Nintendo Power since sometime in the 90's, before I discovered the internet. Now I rarely find myself reading magazines, as I can find most of the info I crave right here on my PC. If you happened to pick up the latest issue, you might have noticed an ad with a widescreen DS. You don't see that everyday.

So this means that Nintendo is announcing (yet) another version of their kick-ass handheld at E3, right? I'm not really sure what to make of it. Honestly, the whole thing just looks crazy, because the top and bottom screens don't line up (the top one is slightly shifted to the right), which would lead me to think it's a poor Photoshop job. However, what is interesting is that the positioning of the buttons has been altered. The D-pad has been shifted to the left, the X, Y, A and B buttons have been moved to the right, and the Start and Select buttons have been moved up. That's a lot of work just to show bigger screenshots, but I wouldn't necessarily put it past an advertising firm.

Nintendo claims that this is not a new DS model, but simply the work of the advertising company. While I am inclined to believe this, it really wouldn't surprise me to see a new DS with a larger screen sometime in the future.

[via DS Fanboy]