Straight Talk boosts data for BYOD subscribers

Prepaid carriers are battling to draw in more customers as big-name carriers dangle sweeter deals for their slice of the mobile pie. We've seen Cricket revamp its data caps in recent months, for example, and now Wal-Mart's own prepaid option Straight Talk has announced a data change specifically for its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customers: an extra couple gigabytes of data. This is sans a price increase, and is for the standard $45/month plan.

For those who don't need to be on one of the big-name carriers specifically (Straight Talk uses multiple carrier networks), this works out to a sweeter deal than some competitors offer — Verizon's AllSet, for example, only offers 1GB for its $45/month plan (for those who set up Auto Pay, that is). It's still more than some other prepaid carriers, however.

Straight Talk's $45 per month plan previously offered 3GB of LTE data rather than the now-5GB. Those who already subscribe to the plan will see the increase in data when their monthly subscription is renewed.

This only applies to the BYOD customers, however, who are using their own CDMA handset. Other customers will continue to get 3GB. Once customers exceed their high-speed data cap, the speeds will be throttled to a practically useless 64Kbps.

SOURCE: Android Police