Strafe is a procedurally-generated FPS with graphics out of 1996

Gamers who like first-person shooters have no shortage of the biggest, most graphic-intensive titles to choose from these days, but the upcoming indie game Strafe should appeal to those longing for the early years of the genre, when games like id's Quake were the big thing. At first glance, Strafe's low-res, pixelated graphics will have you wondering how old the game is, but after a few seconds of gameplay, its modern-day mechanics and effects become apparent.Strafe is action-packed FPS that gives players only life to navigate its randomly generated environment; once they die, everything starts anew, and nothing will be the same. And while the game uses retro graphics, there are lots of touches that you'd see in modern games, including lighting effects, recoil on weapons as their fired, and guns that be upgraded and modified in multiple ways over time.

Oh, and to truly immerse yourself in the game's mid-90's vibe, be sure to check out the official website.

Where the modern graphics effects can really be seen is in the gore. Shooting enemies leaves accurate and dynamic blood trails on the floor and walls. Explosions send gibs flying, each causing their own blood pools and splatters. Walking through all this blood, and players will even leave red-stained footprints as they continue on.

Developer Pixel Titans says that it wanted all this gore to act as a mark left on a level by players, representing all the chaos and damage they caused. But it also serves a more practical purpose: marking the areas where players have been, helping to prevent backtracking or getting lost.

Strafe is scheduled for release sometime in early 2017, and will be coming to PlayStation 4 as well as PC and Mac.

SOURCE PlayStation Blog