Stowaway stores your bicycle overhead

City life all but guarantees you have a bicycle at home, and that bicycle probably takes up a lot of room, relatively speaking. Unless you're fortunate enough to have a balcony for storage, stowing the bicycle when not in use means taking up precious space that would be better used elsewhere. Enter Stowaway, a bike storage system that stores the bicycle overhead without hassle.

The bicycle is stored flat near the ceiling wherever the Stowaway is located, using up space that would otherwise not be used. This is done by mounting Stowaway on the wall; an armature extends outward from it with a counter weight pulley system on the end. Any bicycle will fit the system, according to the maker.

The frame can be adjusted to fit in narrow hallways, and to fit different bicycle heights. Because of the counterweight pulleys, it takes some of the load off, making it the equivalent of lifting half of the bike's weight. Various straps secure the wheels and such so that they are secured when stored.

The company behind Stowaway is seeking $106,000 USD on Kickstarter, where they have so far raised about $5,000 USD with 27 days remaining. Those who are interested can pledge $105 USD for an early bird unit; if all goes as planned, the unit will ship in September 2016 anywhere around the world.

SOURCE: Kickstarter