Story Digital Photo Frame Wall Concept Is So Cool

For a long time digital photo frames have been on the market and for the first few years they were available the price kept them out of most homes. Now that the things are cheap, you can find digital frames in lots of homes around the world.

A new digital photo frame concept called the Story has surfaced and the designers have a very cool idea for the digital frame. Story is a collection of digital frames that can be placed on the wall. Each of the frames shows a bit of a larger image just like a video wall does.

Each of the frames can also be used alone as well. The thing I like about the concept is that each frame has no border allowing them to fit right next to each other and making them look more like old school snapshots. Check out the video below for an idea how the concept would work. It would be great if the concept made it to a real product that you could add to. That way you could start with one frame and then build a larger digital frame by adding more modules as you could afford it.