Storm Trooper Helmet made from milk jugs

Shane McGlaun - Oct 11, 2010
Storm Trooper Helmet made from milk jugs

Halloween is coming up and if you like to build your own costume or costumes for your kids form stuff around the house, this DIY Storm Trooper mask may be the coolest DIY Halloween creation ever. The thing is made from a milk jug.

The milk jug is cut into three pieces and then glued together in the correct shape using hot glue. As long as the cranium you are trying to wrap the mask around isn’t larger than a milk jug, you should be able to make this fit just about anyone. The little vents on each side of the jug are actually the tops from the jugs and fresh air gets in via the pour opening.

After the thing is glued together, it was spray painted white and then the black accents were painted on later. The finished product looks very much like the real thing and is the coolest DIY mask I have ever seen created from stuff we normally throw away.

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