A Samsung Note 8 smartphone and S Pen stylus, taken on September 6, 2017. (Photo by Olly Curtis/T3 Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
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The 5 Best Android Apps For Note-Taking In 2023
Google Keep
Google Keep comes pre-installed on most Android phones and gives users many different types of notes: plain text, checklist, image, drawing, and even voice recording. Each note can be personalized with colored or picture backgrounds, and they can also be shared via email to allow collaboration with others.
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote allows you to group your notes into sections, which can then be further divided into pages that you can also access on the OneNote desktop app. Along with note types like text, pictures, to-do lists, and drawings, OneNote supports attaching PDFs and Word documents and even extracting text from photos taken with the app itself.
Evernote is a popular note-taking option on the Google Play Store that features templates of the most frequently used note formats, such as To-Do List, Weekly Planner, and Habit Tracker. Evernote also allows users to save interesting websites and articles by sharing the link with the app, and it can all be done without leaving the browser.
Easy Notes
Simple and user-friendly, Easy Notes allows you to quickly put your notes under certain categories like Home, Work, and School to keep your note collection looking tidy. Easy Notes features a lot of widget styles and sizes that allow you to make and view notes without having to open the app.
Squid is perfect for those who want to write their notes by hand, as it comes loaded with a bunch of virtual papers for you to write on, from grids and engineering graphs to music sheets and sports field templates. The premium version also allows you to add photos, text, shapes, highlights, and the ability to edit PDF files.