Stop your smoke addition with Nicostopper

Karn Suriyasasin - Dec 8, 2006

I remember when my brother tried to tell pop quit smoking. He came up with all possible ways and methods to help our smoker pop hoping that quiting will keep him stay healthy. Believe me! I know how hard it is. The smoke addition is not easy to control. But thanks to the Nicostopper from Fagor, now there is something to help you limit your addition.

Nicostopper is produced by Fagor, the ordinarily kitchen specialist. A device controls your access to cigarettes by using a media player. It holds up to 10 cigarettes and releases them only on schedule allowing you to limit your smoking habit entirely. You can also set some preferences after the cigarettes have been loaded.

The color screen on Niccostopper displays a self-help message when the cigarette is delivered reminding why you should limit your smoking – could be some encouraging words from your family’s members or someone you care. If the Nicostopper sounds right to you, get one for youself for $300 today.

Fagor Nicostopper controls access to cigarettes [via electronista]

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