Stokke boasts Zero-Gravity chair

As I get older, I find myself saying "let's have a nice sit down" more and more often.  It's a terrifying development, and I'm forced to immediately leap up, down five shots of straight vodka and belch the national anthem to restore my youthful potency.  Still, one day I'll have to sit more than I stand, and when that day comes I hope it'll be a Stokke Gravity balancing chair that I get to rest my weary ass upon.

Billed as the closest to zero-gravity you can get (presumably without actually going into space and experiencing it there, together with freeze-dried food and suits that invariably make you look fat), the Gravity chair can rest in a variety of positions depending on your mood or task; from upright as an office chair to rocked right back for those noon-time naps. 

Available in a range of fabrics and wood finishes, the Stokke Gravity chair costs from around £1,200 ($2,310)

Stokke [via Core77]