Stinky Gaming Footboard meets funding goal

Back in late March, I talked about a new gaming peripheral but it turned up on Crown source funding site Kickstarter called the Stinky Gaming Footboard. The device was a gaming controller that allows you to use your feet to and control input to various video games. The project was originally seeking $75,000.

The gaming controller has a special cross shape and four programmable buttons. You can map those buttons to various commands using the videogame software. The device is designed to be very flexible allowing the users to place it in any direction they want and teasing with one or both feet.

The designer made the footboard to be easy to return to neutral position after you activate key. One of the more interesting features of the Stinky Footboard is that the device shipped with multiple Springs allowing you to customize the tension to your preferences. The project has now met it Kickstarter funding goal.

In fact, it raised a bit more than its goal of $75,000 racking up a total of $79,562. The funding goal is met yesterday and the controller cost those who backed the project $89 or more. Shipping is expected to happen in July of 2013, but you'd be safe to expect some delays. The laser very common with Kickstarter projects as roadblocks are hit during the ramp-up to production frequently.

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