Stinky Footboard gets your feet into the gaming action

Shane McGlaun - Mar 21, 2013, 5:03 am CDT
Stinky Footboard gets your feet into the gaming action

Typically, when we’re talking about computer gamers, the gaming peripherals of choice are things like keyboards, mice, and game pads. The common link here is that all of these devices are controlled using hands. A company called Stinky Board is showing off its product in the works called the Stinky Footboard that get your feet into the gaming action.

The company says it has been developing the product for the last two years and it uses special technology for superfast and precise responses. The footboard has four programmable buttons, adjustable tension, and a “cross” shape that make it easy use and provide lots of capability. The controller can be used in any orientation and with one foot or two feet.

The Stinky Footboard has special return to neutral technology that allows the buttons to be activated easily and the board then snaps back into neutral position on its own. This allows you to activate a button quickly and have the board return to a neutral position according to the designer. The device is also designed to allow users to activate multiple buttons without having to lift the foot.

All the user needs to do is tilt the foot forward or backwards or roll it side to side the activate the customizable buttons. The controller also features user adjustable tension boxes allowing the user to adjust the responsiveness and stiffness of the footboard. The springs inside the footboard are also customizable and replaceable. The device ships with six pairs of springs including soft, medium, and hard versions allowing the user to customize the feel of the controller. At this point, you can’t actually buy the product, but it appears that the company plans to put it on Kickstarter when they are ready to raise money to bring the product to the real world.

[via Stinkyboard]

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