Sticker makes your iPhone look like old school Polaroid camera

I really like quirky accessories for the mainstream gadgets that we all know and sometimes love. The iPhone is a device that tends to spawn all sorts of quirky accessories like the latest sticker for the back of the phone spied over on Laughing Squid.

The sticker adheres to the back of the iPhone 4 and makes your phone look like that Polaroid instant camera your mom had back in the day. I know we all remember that camera. What this sticker really needs is an app to go with it that makes that noise the Polaroid instant made when you hit the shutter button.

The sticker looks cool and has another use as well, it should prevent the glass back of your iPhone 4 from being scratched with use. This thing doesn't appear to fit the 3G or 3GS devices with the rounded design and it leaves the flash and lens on the iPhone 4 uncovered.