Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Radar app and stickers hit indiegogo

Chris Burns - Nov 28, 2012, 4:34 pm CST
Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Radar app and stickers hit indiegogo

It would appear that you’re about to be able to find every single one of your often-lost objects with an ecosystem that’s not to be missed – Stick-N-Find, complete with Bluetooth stickers and a fabulous radar app that works with them to track. This lovely system is currently living in the crowd-funding operation known as indegogo, a place not unlike KickStarter where users are able to pass some cash to start-up groups hoping to get their project off the ground in exchange for a promise that they’ll get some of the earliest products produced.

We had a brief chat with one of the Stick-N-Find project creators today, Jim Buchheim, who had a few suggestions for how the product might be used. On the indegogo funding page for this project, it’s shown that you simply sync with a Bluetooth sticker, stick the sticker, and you’re connected straight away. From there you never have to worry about losing the item the sticker is attached to again – as long as you’re in-range, of course.

This is what the creators of Stick-N-Find call the “Virtual Leash.” As Buchheim explains, the possibilities with this combination are nearly endless:

Jim Buchheim: The virtual leash feature can even prevent you from forgetting things on your way out the door, like your laptop for work, or even your lunchbox! You could stick it in your car and find it in a parking lot or on the street, even if it’s covered in snow. If you still cant find, it, the “find it” feature will alert you when your car is within range.

Besides the things that are lost all the time like your keys or remote, you could also use Stick-N-Find to find anything, like kid’s toys, tools, or wallets and/or purses. Or relax knowing that your valuables are near when you valet your car or check your coat.

Here at SlashGear we’re always excited to hear about projects such as these that take what we’ve got already and flip them on their side, making with the creativity rather than simply punching up the heavy-hitting specifications on newer and newer models. It’s a refreshing thing to see stickers coming back into the fold – keep your eyes open for NFC action across the mobile landscape soon as well! As for Stick-N-Find, please feel free to pump them up and get them made!

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