Steve Wozniak's travel backpack is filled to the brim with gadgets

Ever wonder what kind of gadgets Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak likes to take with him when he's on the road? Apparently, he likes to take all of them. He shared the picture you see below with Gizmodo, along with a blog post detailing all of the items he likes to take with him on trips. All of the stuff you see in the photo is either in his pockets or in his backpack when he isn't at home, with the exception of one iPad, two iPhones, and one iPod Nano that belong to his wife Janet.

Even taking his wife's things out of the equation, that still leaves an astonishing number of gadgets for him to carry around. Those all have to be charged at some point too, and Woz says that most of the USB cables and adapters you see pictured are with him at all times. The majority of them are retractable, which is lucky for him, since otherwise they would all tangle into one big heap every time he put them back in his bag.

Aside from the electronics, Wozniak also has a rather long list of odds and ends that are always present in his backpack as well. The list ranges from pencils and sharpies to binoculars and travel-size toiletries, so it seems like he has everything he would ever need to keep him occupied and up-to-date during trips. When everything is taken into account, Wozniak estimates that the backpack he carries around can exceed 50 pounds, which leaves us with just two questions – what kind of god-like backpack is Woz using, and where can we get one?

Click the thumbnail below to see the full-size image of Wozniak's impressive collection.