Steve Wozniak says Apple is losing its cool factor

File this under "Steve Wozniak says the dardnest things." The co-founder of Apple is at it again and is criticizing Apple over its cool factor. Wozniak says that while the company is good at "setting a standard with a new device," Apple is ultimately starting to lose its cool vibe that they've been going after for so many years.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Wozniak says that without features to outclass competing devices, Apple is having to rely more on its appeal as a premium brand. He says that the company should consider opening up its ecosystem, by allowing Windows Phone and Android devices to use Apple's iTunes music app.

Plus, the company has tuned it down a bit when it comes to taking risks and introducing completely new products that no one has seen before. Lately, the company has been rehashing older products in a way by simply introducing better specs in their devices. Wozniak says that this lack of innovation and its closed-down ecosystem is starting to make Apple uncool.

Furthermore, Wozniak addressed the iWatch rumors and said that he's looking forward to such a product if it turns out to be true. He's been wearing an iPod Nano watch for a couple of years and enjoys the experience. By improving Siri, the iWatch could be a great product, according to Wozniak. And as for the Woz's take on BlackBerry, he says that company will eventually have to switch to Android if it wants to successful.

[via Bloomberg]