Steve Jobs: "We Have No Plans To" Kill Off iPod Classic

The iPod Classic is a favorite for those who have a large music library and need to take it with them. An avid iPod Classic fan e-mailed Apple's CEO Steve Jobs a while back concerned that the company was planning to kill off the device since there were a lack of updates. Jobs replied back to the email via his iPhone stating, "We have no plans to." According to MacRumors, the email appeared legitimate and was revealed today.

The largest member, capacity wise, in the current iPod family is the classic and it was introduced back in 2005. Apple has focused its efforts on its more popular siblings the iPod nano and iPod touch. It still sports the click-wheel and design-wise it looks a little dated. The only changes to the 160 GB iPod classic recently are the price and thickness.

There is hope for fans of the iPod classic that a new version could come out soon, as Toshiba has produced a 220 GB hard drive that could fit into the current iPod classic's form factor. Fans will just have to wait to see if the largest iPod of the family does indeed survive, but for now they can find comfort in the words supposedly from Jobs' himself.

[via MacRumors]