Steve Jobs Declared Person of the Year by Financial Times

While Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, managed to wrangle in the title from TIME Magazine, the Financial Times has a different outlook on the previous year, and who managed to have the biggest impact. The periodical has announced that they've given the Person of the Year achievement to none other than Steve Jobs. And while there's many factors as to why the Financial Times has decided to go this route, they're putting quite a bit of the achievement on the shoulders of Apple's tablet device, the iPad.

The Financial Times paints the iPad as a device that acts as a "culmination of an approach that he has seemingly been perfecting for his entire career." They point out that they view Jobs, the current head of Apple, as a visionary, but that someone who doesn't just stare into the future hoping. He's a "taskmaster" that gets things done, and he doesn't allow Apple to rest on previous successes. Instead, they continue to push forward, releasing new products on a tight schedule.

The FT also makes honorary mention of the fact that Jobs has perfected the "reality distortion field," his perfectionism during any and all launch events pertaining to an Apple product, and the speed in which the man recovered from his liver transplant. All of these factors had something to do with the fact that the periodical chose Steve Jobs as the person of the year. Anyone not agree with their decision?

[via The Next Web]