Steve Jobs confirms WiFi iTunes sync is coming, iPhone Hold button was pointless

The new iPhone 4 might be making waves but Steve Jobs hasn't given himself a day off to celebrate.  Instead he's been catching up with his email correspondence again, sending out the usual terse replies to the Apple faithful (or at least curious).  Unsurprisingly it's the new smartphone that has been on most peoples' minds; Jonathan Cowperthwait wondered how users are meant to put people on hold now that the in-call button has been replaced by the FaceTime icon, only to be told by Jobs that in fact the hold button "doesn't do anything more than Mute."

Meanwhile, Rick Proctor asked the Apple CEO if the iPhone would ever support WiFi syncing between it and iTunes on a Mac, and was told "Yep, someday".  That's good news for those people tempted by third-party app Wi-Fi Sync but not interested in jailbreaking their handset to get access to it.

Finally, there's Jobs' sage advice as to how iPhone 4 users can avoid the reception issues some have reported when holding the smartphone in the bottom left-hand corner: "Just avoid holding it in that way."  Not all that different from the official statement, and not all that reassuring either.

[via TechCrunch and via Zatz Not Funny!]