Steve Jobs action figure is creepily realistic

There are people from all walks of life that were huge fans of Steve Jobs and the Apple empire he built over the years. Jobs passed away last year and since then many have wondered about Apple and mourned the loss of one of the giants of the tech world. If you want to remember jobs geek style, this action figure is the ticket.

The company that makes the 12-inch action figure is called Inicons. The action figure is so realistic it's a bit creepy with pores, the trademark beard, and round glasses just as Steve wore. The only catch in the face of the action figure you see in the photos is that the company that makes the figure warns the final appearance may vary.

I suspect they will sell a slew of these things, assuming along the way to production the action figure doesn't turn into a fake and plastic version of a Ken doll in a turtleneck. Along with the action figure comes replicas of Jobs' favorite shows, two pairs of glasses, an articulating body, three pairs of hands, and the trademark jeans and black turtleneck. I suspect Jobs' family and legal team will kill this action figure very swiftly.

[via Forbes]