Stereo 3D PCs set to go big says JPR

Today it almost feels like 3D is something new. We have a glut of 3D TVs hitting the market, 3D content is coming to the home, and 3D films are hitting theaters in droves. It's easy to forget that 3D has been around in the PC world and in theaters for a long time, granted it's much better today than it was in say the 90's or the 80's. Many are overlooking 3D in the PC world and this is one of the places where the tech will be most popular — with gamers.

Jon Peddie Research has published a research paper that shows Stereo 3D PCs are at the tipping point and are set to become much more available and popular. JPR reports that the stereo 3D PC market will grow rapidly in the near future with close to a million of the machines shipping this year and that number swelling to 75 million by 2014.

JPR reckons that in the coming years almost all PCs will the stereo 3D capable, but many will not use the feature despite the GPU capability. The reason is that the machines will need special monitors for 3D viewing, glasses, and 3D content that is interesting. PC games will be the big driver for the tech and having played high-end 3D PC games before, they look great on PCs. By 2014, the hardware market for stereo 3D PCs is expected to be worth over $24 billion.