Stem Innovation outs slick looking Tandem speakers perfect for your Mac

Stem Innovation has a line of interesting gear and most of the stuff the company has is aimed at Apple users. They have a new set of stereo speakers that have just launched that will work with any computer that has a USB plug, but the things are styled to complement a MacBook. They ship with an AC adapter as well.

The speakers have Stem Sonic iQ audio enhancement tech inside and performance-tuned bass-reflex ports. They have a custom configured DSP-enhanced amp and has headphone out port for listening in private. Connectivity to the computer is via a single USB port.

Each of the speakers are 2.75" full-range offerings and they are 120V and 240V compatible. An aux input on the speakers allows you to connect your MP3 player or smartphone to play tuned directly through the speakers. The speakers each measure 6.55" H x 3.19" W x 6.54" D. The speakers can be purchased right now for $99.95 online and in Apple retail stores.