Stefan Eriksson's Dietrich Found

You all remember that Gizmondo handheld? Yeah, me neither, clearly much ado about nothing, but here you are again reading about the companies executives. Well "Dietrich" has been found.

For those of you that may have forgotten, "Dietrich" was the gentleman who was accused of being the driver of the $1 million plus Ferrari Enzo that was wrecked in Malibu some time ago. In the end, one of the most perfect cars of our time, was cleaved in twain by a telephone pole.

Maybe Ferrari should implement an IQ test for their next selection, as last I read you had to be selected to be allowed to purchase this million dollar ride. Regardless, both men are retarded, and it deeply saddens me knowing that such a work of art has been destroyed, the only thing that saddens me more is reading about the McLaren F1 car that was totaled.

Revenge of Dietrich: Gizmondo Exec's Ferrari Crash Resurrected in Bizarre Twist [via Kotaku]